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To a novice home barista, it can be confusing to decide which burr coffee grinder to buy between Rancilio Rocky Doser vs. Doserless. I am hoping this post will help you see what makes them different and where they resemble each other so you can make an informed decision to suit your needs.

It bears repeating that a good coffee grinder holds the secret to great espresso. This is not an area you want to cut corner on. Trust me, investing in a good quality burr grinder will pay dividends in the long run. We are talking about most likely a lifetime.

What Are the Major Differences?

Dispensing Ground Coffee/Controls – The most obvious difference is one has a built-in doser and the other doesn’t. The one with a doser allows you to grind the coffee beans and dose the appropriate amount into a portafilter basket directly. In the case of the doserless model, you’d have to dose the amount to a separate container under the delivery spout and transfer the ground coffee into a portafilter basket manually. Since no-premeasured dose is available in the latter, you might have to repeat adding more coffee until you get the right amount.

Design Features and Benefits – The Rancilio Doser grinder features a 6-pie shape dosing container. Each pie shape contains about 7 grams of ground coffee which is enough for one shot. Want to make a double shot? Then load the filter basket with two pie-shapes worth. All you need to do is to swing the delivery handle toward you once for each dose.

Weight – The weight difference is quite substantial in the Doser model. It’s 3.8 lbs heavier than the Doserless mostly in the doser with the pie-shape staging area.

Consumer Reviews – The ratings are slightly more favorable for Rancilio Doserless vs. the Doser (4.4 vs. 4.3).

Pricing – The Doser one is about $10 more than the Doserless.


 Are They Also Similar?

Housing Materials – Both models are designed with the same die-cast housing with stainless steel and plastic finish. The bean hopper is tinted in blue to prevent UV damage to the beans for longer freshness.

Dimensions – There are so many dimensional sizes on the Internet but based Rancilio’s technical specification sheet, it shows the same dimensions (in inches) for both models as 4.7 (w) x 9.8 (d) x 13.8 (h).

Burr Type and Motor – Both have a flat-plate stainless steel burr grinder with a 1725-RPM motor and 140 watts in power input.

Hopper Capacity – The same size of 10.5 oz. is designed in the doser and doserless.

Grind Settings and Speed – You can adjust the grind size from fine to coarse with 55 grinder settings by rotating the wheel sideways while pressing down the lever. The output amount is the same as 5.5 to 7.7 pounds per hour. Unless you entertain a big group of people, it’s highly recommended that you grind just enough for immediate consumption.



Rancilio Rocky Doser – Pros

1. Dispensing Directly to the Portafilter: It’s more seamless from grinding to dosing into the portafilter with less mess on the drip tray to clean up and less waste of coffee. It’s more efficient if you need to brew multiple shots of espresso at once.

2. Less Static and Less Clumpy: With ground coffee passing through the doser area and the pie-shaped conveyor distributing the grounds from one compartment to another, it reduces the static and clumps from grinding.

3. Pre-Measured Dosing Amount: If the grinder works as it’s designed, it should dispense 7 grams of coffee ground with each pull of the lever. This can be done hands-free by placing the portafilter on the dispensing stand.

Rancilio Rocky Doser – Cons

1. Leftover Coffee: The bean hopper chute is not angled to a degree to allow the ground to flow out easily. Coffee ground tends to be stuck by the chute and you might have to manually use a skewer to clean out the residue. If you grind more than you need, the leftover coffee will get stale over time.

2. Not Accurate Dosing Amount: The pie-shaped slot is not always filled with 7 grams. Therefore you’ll have to add half a dose or so to make it a full basket.

3. Fixed Dispensing Height: The height for the dispensing spout is fixed for a portafilter. It’s not conducive to dispensing to a different container if making drip coffee or French press.

4. More Effort for Cleaning and Maintenance: It’s more time-consuming for cleaning and maintenance as you will have to dissemble the doser apart.



Rancilio Rocky Doserless – Pros

1. Grind on Demand: You can grind on demand without worrying about wasting coffee in the hopper. In the worst case scenario, you can store the grounds in a container to preserve the freshness for the next use.

2. Grind for All Brewing Methods: It’s versatile for you to dispense to all sorts of containers besides a portafilter for other brewing methods.

3. $10 Cheaper: It costs less to buy the one without a doser.

Rancilio Rocky Doserless – Cons

1. Messier: More time and effort to clean up the loose coffee grounds.

2. Problematic for Entertaining: More cumbersome to make multiple shots by grinding and dispensing into a portafilter. A better solution is to pre-grind ahead into a container and dose the right amount into the basket when you are ready to brew. That way, you don’t have to compromise on the brew temperature while grinding another batch of beans.

3. Hands-On Operation: You’ll have to press down a switch to grind. It’s impossible to do this by one person as you’ll need to grow one extra hand if adjustment is needed on the grind setting. This is what I meant. One hand to push down the grind button in the front; one hand to press down the button to change the setting and another to rotate the bean hopper to effect the change. You might need someone to help with the initial setting and hope you don’t have to adjust it all the time.

Which One Should You Buy?

My answer is it all depends. If you like the convenience from grinding to dosing into a portafilter directly and wouldn’t mind spending an extra $10, then Rancilio Rocky Doser Burr Grinder is your machine.

On the other hand, if you know you also brew in other methods such as Drip or French coffee, having a doserless model is definitely handy to grind the beans right into your container. And it’s less of a hassle to clean the unit.

No matter which model you prefer, remember Rancilio represents a major brand in the world of espresso machines and coffee grinders. This might be the only machine you’ll need to purchase for this lifetime. Not to mention that it is such an essential part in making excellent espressos at home.

Bestseller Espresso Coffee Beans

Having a quality burr grinder is only part of the equation and buying freshly roasted coffee completes it. For your convenience, here are a few bestsellers of whole coffee beans for making perfect espresso.

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illy Caffe Whole Bean Coffee (Dark Roast, Black Top), 8.8-Ounce Tins (Pack of 2)

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