Nespresso Pixie vs. Citiz: Which One Is Right for You?

If you are toying between buying Nespresso Pixie vs. Citiz, this post will help you take a microscopic look at both models and decide on the best option for your needs.

Nespresso Pixie and Citiz are two of the top-rated single espresso machines by Nespresso. They are designed for those who’d like to have a delicious cup of espresso without all the mess and fuss. While they are very similar in functionality and design style, there are some differences:



Nespresso Citiz was inspired by the 1930s and 1940s architectural style, specifically by that of Chicago. It’s a bit shy of two inches taller than Pixie, 1.5 inches wider as well. The larger dimensions are also reflected in the weight of 7.5 lbs vs. 6.6 lbs in Pixie.

Available Colors

There are more colors to choose from in Pixie than in Citiz. The color options varies from store to store.

Water Reservoir Size

The water reservoir in Citiz is 34 oz. vs. 24 oz in Pixie. What it means is that you don’t have to fill the water as often.

A nice feature in Pixie is that there is an Empty Water Tank Detection light that will be turned on to signal you for refill.

Insert and Eject Coffee Capsule

In Citiz, to insert a capsule, you need to lift the top lid/handle whereas lifting the lever up to insert or eject in Pixie. When the lever is lifted in the upward position, the brew head will protrude forward to show the insert slot. In the case of Citz, you just need to drop the capsule into the slot without any moving part.

Drip Tray

There are two drip trays in Citiz. The top tray will be suitable for a small espresso cup up to 3.5 inches. If brewing for a Americano, lift the top tray up to accommodate the taller cup up to 6″.

Pixie only has one Drip Tray that’s folderable for a taller cup. The tray can only be removed along with the used capsule container whereas in Citiz, you can move the bottom tray independent of the used capsule container.


Citiz comes with an integrated milk frother (Aeroccino 3). The frother sits on the right hand side of the espresso machine as one unit. There is also an option that you can purchase an espresso machine and a separate frother. The integrated option is definitely more economical as opposed to purchasing two things separately.

The integrated frother option is not available in Pixie. You can buy a bundled deal with an espresso maker and a frother to save some money OR buy them separately.

Power Consumption

Citiz is slightly higher in wattage  (1260 vs. 1200 in Pixie). But not a big deal really.

Auto Shut-off – Energy Saving

Both Citiz and Pixie have an automatic power shut-off feature that will help you save some energy when not in use. The timing for Citiz is programmed to be 30 minutes of inactivity vs. 9 minutes in Pixie although you can reprogram the Pixie’s to be 30 minutes.


It’s somewhat challenging to comment on the pricing for both machines as it varies based on color and bundle options. If I had to generalize it, the Pixie single unit is about $20 cheaper than Citiz.

Nespresso Pixie vs. Citiz Comparison Table

Available Colors*red, titanium, indigo, brown, lime, aluminum, carmine, titan, steel bluetitan, black, red
Housing Materialsdurable ABS housing with stainless steel leverdurable ABS housing with plastic and stainless steel top lid
Pump Typevibrationvibration
Pump Pressure19 bar19 bar
Heating Elementsingle boiler, thermoblocksingle boiler, thermoblock
Brew Groupplasticplastic
Initial Heat Up (seconds)9090
Water Reservoir24 oz., remoovable, topfill34 oz., removable, topfill
Empty Water Tank Detectionyes, backlight turns to redno
Type of Coffee UsedNespresso podsNespresso pods
Volumetric Controlautomatic espresso (1.35 oz/40ml, lungo (3.72 oz./110 ml) or manual programmableautomatic espresso (1.35 oz/40ml, lungo (3.72 oz./110 ml) or manual programmable
Adjustable Cup Clearance (inches)3.5 and 63.5 and 6
User Capsule Container Sizeyes, 10 capsulesyes, 10 capsules
Capsule Insert/Ejectionlevertop lid
Display Panel Stylepush button with indicator lightspush button with indicator lights
# of Drip Tray1, foldable, only removable with the used capsule container2, top one foldable, bottom removable
Dimensions (w x d x h inches)4.4 x 9.3 x 12.85.1 x 10.9 x 14.6
Weight (lbs)6.67.5
Power1200 watts, 120 volts, 60 Hz1260 watts, 120 volts, 60 Hz
Auto Shut Offyes, after 9 minutes, can be programmed up for 30 minutesyes, after 30 minutes
Power Cord Length (inches)2424
Included Accessories16 capsules16 capsules
Integrated Frothernoyes at additional cost
Stand Alone Frotheryes, optional at additional costyes, optional at additional cost
Descaler UsedUrnex CleancafUrnex Cleancaf
Warranty1 year1 year
Read ReviewRead ReviewRead Review
Check PriceCheck Price
Check Price
* Color choices vary from store to store and so does price

What Are the Similarities?

Both are powered by a 19-bar pressure pump with a single boiler. It’s incredible fast for them to come to brew temperature (30 seconds or so). You are able to pull an Espresso or Lungo shot with the push of a button. You may also reprogram the volume to the amount that suits your taste and preference.

Citiz and Pixie are compact in size and light in weight. They are perfect for those who live in a tight quarter and don’t have a larger counter space. Using either is such a no-brainer that a child can operate it.

It’s effortless to make a delicious espresso or a cappuccino without the ever-consuming process from grinding, dosing, tamping and extracting. Don’t forget about the time to clean after the mess.

Nespresso supplies a starter kit of a variety of 16 capsules with different flavors and coffee strengths. You can reorder more from Nespresso or Amazon. Nespresso also introduces seasonal flavors from time to time. The capsules are vacuum-sealed and packaged in coordinated colors with the flavors. The cost per capsule is from $0.50 to $1.00 depending on where you buy and on the flavors.

The warranty is the same as in one year for both models. Consumer ratings are 4.0 or better.

So Which One to Buy?

If you are into the aesthetic design and are a big fan of the Chicago architecture, Citiz would be a better choice. The integrated frother option would help you with less clutter on the counter space. And the frother (Aeroccino 3) is an improved version from the Aeroccino Plus.

On the other hand, if an inch or two makes a big difference in your kitchen counter, Pixie is definitely more petite in the overall dimensions. In addition, the array of color choices would be a plus for those who are into matching colors with other appliances.

Twenty dollars do make a meaningful difference in some people’s budget. If that’s you, then choose Pixie over Citiz.

The bottom line is that no matter which one appeals to you more, you are going to get a solid espresso machine that satisfies your coffee craving day after day.


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