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Nespresso Citiz was inspired by the architecture style in Chicago marrying practical features with an artistic design flair. Wake up each morning to a cup of pure espresso with a thick layer of crema in minutes and without any mess to clean up. It is a dream espresso maker with a tiny silhouette for those ubanites who enjoy the amenities of city-living while trying to make every square inch of space count. All it asks is a square foot to indulge your taste and craving faithfully.

The Citiz is an upgrade from the Nespresso Pixie with a few design changes and improved features. There is also a bundled option where you get the Citiz and an integrated milk frother to create endless espresso drinks in the comfort of your own home. As compact as it is, it’s not short on important features:


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1. Introduction
2. Features & Benefits
3. Brewing
4. Steaming
5. Display & Control
6. Additional Features
7. How to Clean
8. Accessories
9. Power & Cord
10. Dimensions & Weight
11. Warranty
12. Pros & Cons
13. Consumer Reviews
14. Price
15. Summary



Features & Benefits Nespresso Citiz

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  • 19-Bar Pressure Pump with Thermoblock Boiler: The boiler heats up the water within 30 seconds for perfect brew temperature and the 19-bar pump ensures the optimal extraction from the coffee to get the maximum aroma, flavor and crema, consistently.
  • Brew Volume Control: Two pre-set controls for Espresso or Lungo. You may also set your own preferred volume by simply pressing one of the brew buttons down to get the intensity you’d like.
  • Color Match:Whether you like Limousine Black or Fire Engine Red, you can match your style with a color selection in Citiz.
  • 34 Oz. Water Reservoir: The reservoir is larger than the Pixie (34. Vs 24 oz) which means you don’t have to refill it as often. It’s removable and can be refilled from the top.
  • Drip Tray: It’s foldable to accommodate a short or a tall cup with a simple push to an upright position. The two cup clearances are 3.5” and 6“ respectively.
  • Automatic Capsule Ejection: Upon brewing, the used capsule will be ejected to the used capsule container by pushing the handle bar upward. The container holds about 10 capsules at a time before emptying it.
  • Automatic Capsule Ejection: The Citiz shuts off automatically after 30 minutes to conserve energy.


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As some reviewers said, this is an idiot-proof espresso maker that anyone can use it. The preheat takes about 60 seconds and the brew time is about 30 seconds. Follow the instructions to prepare the machine before the first use. Fill the water reservoir with filtered or bottle water (preferably). Turn the power on. Open the handle on top to insert a capsule of your choice. Place a cup on the Drip Tray. Choose either Espresso (short) or Lungo (long). That’s it.


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With the bundled option, the integrated Aeroccino Plus Frother will create creamy milk with perfect microfoam for hot or cold drinks in 60 seconds or so. The frother comes with two wisks specifically designed for hot and cold drinks. Add the appropriate amount of milk into the container and cover with the lid. Turn on the switch. No need to hold on to a hot steaming wand while struggling to position it just right to texture the milk.



Display & Control

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Easy push-buttons are used for Power, Espresso and Lungo. It’s hard to get confused when there are only three buttons to push, isn’t it?

Additional Features

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Vacuum-sealed capsules made exclusively for the Nespresso machines come in a variety of flavors and coffee strengths. A starter set is included in the purchase for you to experience the joy of espresso.

Nespresso Pixie Comparison Table

How to Clean

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Empty the used capsule container when it’s full. Descale the machine every two to three months. I know many customers don’t descale as often when using filtered or bottled water. The descaler used for this machine is called Urnex Cleancaf.

Here is how you descale:

  1. Fill the water tank with 16.9 oz water and add the Nespresso descaling liquid.
  2. Place a container of 20 oz. underneath the group head.
  3. Turn the machine on and press both brew buttons (Espresso & Lungo) simultaneously for 3 seconds.
  4. Then press “Lungo” button until the water is empty from the tank.
  5. Refill the tank with the used descaling solution and repeat Step 4.


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Included Accessories

A User Manual, a Recipe Book with detailed explanations of the included 16 starter kit of capsules

Optional Accessories

Get the Aeroccino or the combo unit with the integrated frother.

Power & Cord

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  • Input Power (W): 1260
  • Voltage/Frequency (V-Hz): 120
  • Cord length (inches): Regular

Dimensions & Weight

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  • Dimensions (W x D x H inches): 6″ x 14.5 x 12.75
  • Weight (lbs): 7.5


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Pros & Cons

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  • It combines design aesthetics with functionality to brew delicious espresso within 30 seconds.
  • It’s light and compact to fit into any small space such as an high-rise apartment, a dorm or an office cubicle.
  • The powerful pressure pump forces the heated water in 19-bar pressure for optimal extraction.
  • You are in the driver seat as far as brew volume goes whether using the pre-set buttons for Espresso or Lungo or customize the amount on a whim.
  • The adjustable Drip Tray lets you use cups of different heights for different drinks.
  • The easy-breezy operation takes all the fuss and hassle out of making espressos.
  • The proprietary Nespresso capsules enables to you to sample different flavors of coffee from different origins.
  • The selection of color makes it easy to express your personality.


  • The capsules are not available in many retail outlets. You can order them from Amazon or Nespresso. Each capsule costs between $.50 to $1.00.
  • The shot size is quite small. For those who’d like to have a bigger shot, you may have to brew two to three capsules to get the intensity of caffeine.
  • A few Amazon reviewers reported the breakdown of the integrated Aeroccino in the bundled option.

Consumer Reviews

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4.3 out of 5.0

84% of the Amazon customers gave it 4 to 5-star ratings while the other 16% straddled between 1 to 3 stars for various reasons. The overall consensus is that it’s so easy to use and makes terrific espressos consistently. They love the small footprint that can be tucked away in a corner on the counter. It’s hard to beat the 30 seconds brew time with one minute preheat. Saving money and time are so important for many people these days with the economic downturn. Every penny counts. 


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The price varies depending on color choices and also on if the machine is bundled with a milk frother. For under $300, you’d get yourself an efficient espresso machine that should last for a long time. If you break down the cost by $5.00 for each drink at a coffee bar, the machine will pay itself off in two months. (assuming one drink a day for 60 days).

Summary of Nespresso Citiz

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If you are into enjoying espressos without sacrificing the form factor, the Nespresso Citiz is just the machine for you. Convenient, fast and no-brainer are a few adjectives used by actual customers. Although it costs 50 cents or so to brew a shot of espresso, it’s still very inexpensive comparing to spending $5.00 on one of the lattes or cappuccino at Starbucks.

The best aspect for many is that you don’t have to belabor over the entire grind-to-brew process that may take 10 times as long and a big mess to deal with afterwards.

This is not the machine for those who just love to figure out the nuances in making a perfect espresso. A semi-automatic machine might be more suited for that need.


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