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A few features that make Krups Espresseria Full Automatic Espresso Machine one of the best buys in the category such as an affordable price tag, the built-in burr grinder, 15 bar pump pressure and the automatic cappuccino system.

Designed by a well-known German brand, Krups, this unit was made in France with a very compact footprint while serving as a full-service espresso station. Whether you like to start your day with a triple shot of espresso or a creamy latte, this machine is eager to please.

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1. Introduction
2. Features & Benefits
3. Brewing
4. Steaming
5. Display & Control
6. Additional Features
7. How to Clean
8. Accessories
9. Power & Cord
10. Dimensions & Weight
11. Warranty
12. Pros & Cons
13. Consumer Reviews
14. Price
15. Summary


Features & Benefits of Krups EA 82 Series

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  • 15 Bar Pump with a Thermoblock Heating System: The heating system ensures fast heating of water to optimal brew temperature while the 15-bar pump helps extracting the maximum aroma and flavor out of your coffee.
  • Conical Burr Grinder: It grinds fresh coffee beans seconds before your brew to retain the freshness of the java with a generous capacity of 9.7 oz. The three different settings allow you to choose from fine to coarse to meet your different brewing methods from espresso to French press.

    As usual, if using oily beans, the chute doesn’t have a slanted angle for the beans to flow easily. To solve the problem, Krups devised an extra cover to be inserted into the bean hopper to keep the beans from being stuck. The downside of this solution is that it  reduces the bean hopper capacity. So you win some and lose some. The cover of the hopper is also sealed with a rubber gasket to make it more airtight to prolong the freshness of the coffee beans. A good practice is that you only grind enough for the immediate consumption, be it for the morning or the day.

  • Two Different Ways to Steam and Froth Milk: Froth and steam milk by either the frothing wand or an automatic cappuccino system to make a milk-based drink easily. The settings for cappuccino or latte is just a turn away.
  • 60 Oz. Water Tank: The water tank sits in the back of the unit. You can refill to the tank or remove it to do the same at the sink.
  • Adjustable Brew Spout Height: A cup from 2.5 to 4 inches will fit under the spout comfortably by simply pushing it up and down to adjust the height.
  • Hot Water Dispenser: This is a handy feature to make hot tea or chocolate right from the unit. No need to nuke hot water to warm the cup before brewing either.
  • Removable Drip Tray with an Indicator Floater: When the drip tray is full, the red floater will pop up on top of the drip tray to signal you to empty it.
  • Used Coffee Container: It holds around 10 pucks and has an easy access on the left hand side for cleaning.
  • Cup Warmer: Sits on top of unit for warming cups or keeping an espresso shot warm while frothing some milk. Beneath the cup warmer cover is a slot for you to drop the cleaning tablet when the cycle calls for it.


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The Krups espresso maker is no different than many similar machines on the market as far as brewing goes. Fill the water tank with fresh or bottle water and the bean hoppers with coffee beans. Plug the unit to a power outlet and turn it on. It takes a minute or so to heat up the machine and then adjust the brew volume, coffee intensity and style of drinks (Espresso, Strong Espresso, Coffee and Long) by turning the knob and select the appropriate option.  The lower the brew volume is, the more intense the espresso.


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The downtime from brewing to steaming is about 20 seconds for the unit to heat up for steaming temperature.

As indicated above, you can either steam milk using the steaming wand or hook up the cappuccino system and let the machine do all the work. The steam volume is controlled by the length of time. You can program it to x number of seconds and the steaming will shut off automatically once it’s done.

If you prefer having the full control, use the steam wand by swinging it toward the right from the drip tray. A 16 oz. pitcher would be a good size between the tip of the wand and the counter. The steam wand is a bit stiff to work with. You may have to play with it to get a good angle. The foam is not as fine as other machines.

One advantage of using the automatic cappuccino system is that it takes less time to heat up the milk as compared to using the steaming wand. We are talking about 2 minutes max with either so it’s not like you’ll have to wait for “eternity”.

Display & Control

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This unit is equipped with a backlit LCD that’s easy to read and operate with a touch screen. Simply turn knob until the right option to customize your espresso size, coffee intensity and quantity. The auto-timer may be programmed for your convenience and for saving of energy. Although you can’t reprogram the default settings to be stored “permanently”, you CAN change it on the fly while brewing. For example, if you need more time to steam milk to the right temperature, you can add more seconds until the right temperature is reached.

Additional Features

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The water tank is designed with a filter to cut down the impurity in tap water for better tasting and less need to descale. It does come with a recurring cost for replacement every two months recommended by Krups.

How to Clean

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The cleaning is automatically programmed in the unit. The descaling cycle is set for 360 brews which is much longer than a comparable super-automatic machine. That means it requires less frequent descaling and savings in time and cleaning supplies. Like all espresso machines, you need to wipe down the drip tray, the exterior and milk frother after each use. The more you are diligent in taking care of the machine, the longer it will serve you.


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Included Accessories

Besides the User Manual, a set of cleaning supplies is included: two Krups F088 Claris Aqua Filter System tablets, one Krups XS3000 Cleaning Tablet, one Krups F054 Descaling Powder and Krups XS6000 Auto-Cappuccino Set. The cappuccino system consists of a stainless steel flask, a frothing head with tubing to be hooked up with the espresso machine. As eluded earlier, a special device cover comes with the purchase to channel the oily beans to the chute during grinding.

Optional Accessories

A separate milk pitcher might be a nice-to-have if you don’t care to use the included frothing system. Based on the available clearance, a 16-oz. would work really well.

Power & Cord

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  • Input Power (W): 1450
  • Voltage/Frequency (V-Hz): 120/60

Dimensions & Weight

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  • Dimensions (W x D x H inches): 8 x 11.5 x 12.5
  • Weight (lbs): 10.4


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 2-year limited warranty on parts and labor

Pros & Cons

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  • It brews good espresso shots from grinding, tamping and extracting with the push of a few simple buttons and knob.
  • You can adjust the brew size, coffee strength and type of drinks on the fly.
  • It’s quite compact for a super-automatic unit that won’t take too much of your counter space.
  • It does a great job in reaching optimal temperature in one minute for brewing and 20 seconds for steaming.
  • Very easy to use with the touch buttons and a LCD backlit display.
  • It is programmed to perform auto-purge, rinsing and descaling. It requires less frequent descaling comparing to other similar machines which translates to less hassle, less time and money spent on cleaning supplies.
  • It’s on the low-end of super-automatic espresso makers. Yet, being inexpensive is a good thing for consumers.
  • Two color options in black and red.


  • It’s nosier when brewing and steaming.
  • The foam is not as fine as microfoam. Thus the texture of your milk-based drinks may not be as creamy if you compare two espresso machines side by side. You may not notice the difference without comparison.
  • This unit doesn’t allow you to reprogram the settings as other similar machines would. There are only three grind settings instead of many.
  • No bypass doser that means you can’t use pre-ground coffee and the bean hopper is not removable for swapping out of beans or easy cleaning.

Consumer Reviews

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4.1 out of 5.0

Customers like the Krups Expresseria for being an all-in-one unit that does everything for you. The brews are good but not exceptional as you would get from a semi-automatic. That’s just the nature of the beast. The ease of operation and cleaning is an added bonus for many. The affordability factor definitely makes it a desirable unit to consider and purchase in the super-automatic category.

A few drawbacks such as you can’t remove the bean hopper to clean or change up the coffee beans. The noise level is higher than a comparable machine.


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You could get this model on Amazon for under $700 which was about 45% off the Listing Price. Bear in mind that the price fluctuates all the time. The price only reflected the time when the review was written. For a super-automatic espresso maker, you would expect to pay $1000 or more as a ballpark starting price.


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The Krups EA8250001 Espresseria is an affordable option among the all-in-one espresso servicing station for home use. It makes good café-style espresso, long coffee, cappuccino or latte with the simple push of a few buttons. It saves so much work, time and involvement so you can sit back and enjoy your creation.

With more than 160 years in designing and perfecting coffee/espresso machines, Krups has proven to be a respected household name for its product features and quality in the U.S. and around the other parts of the world.


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