Jura Impressa S9 vs. J9

It’s hard to believe that Jura Impressa J9.3 is about $300+ more in price than Impressa S9. Logically, S9 is a higher end in the Jura home espresso machine product portfolio and should have been more expensive. The only explanation I can come up with is that J9.3 is an improved version of the original J9 with a few substantial upgrades which may or may not justify for the higher price depending on the perspectives. Below is a highlight of some of the differences.

Display Panel

The most significant change in J9.3 is the 3 1/2-inch TFT (Thin-Film-Transistor) display where a reflective technology is applied to minimize power consumption. Moreover, program/select brew options can be accomplished by using the Rotary Switch on top of the unit or by pressing the side buttons. The various drinks are displayed in symbols for Espresso, Cappuccino or Latte. It’s visual and very intuitive.

The Jura S9 carries on the familiar display found in a few other Jura models. It’s a combination of push-buttons, knob and rotary switch behind a front panel. The frother is adjusted by turning the knob clockwise from frothing to steaming. The enhancement in the J9 is that the knob has been changed into a rotary which is much easier to turn.

Dual vs. Single Thermoblock

The J9 is designed with a single thermoblock heating system vs. a double thermoblock in the S9. In this contest, S9 wins because with two thermoblock heating systems, there is no downtime switching from one action to another (brewing to steam or vice versa).

Automatic Frother Location – Left vs. Right

The frothXpress Plus frother is located on the left side of the unit in J9 vs. on the right for the S9. The only implication would be it might be easier for a left-handed person as in the case of the J9 vs. for the right-handed one in S9. Another minor improvement in J9 is that the height of the frother can be adjusted from 4.4 to 6 inches. This feature is absent in S9.

Dispensing Spout Adjustments

Speaking of height, both J9 and S9 are equipped with adjustable clearance under the delivery spouts (2.6 to 5.8 inches for S9 and 2.6 to 4.37 for J9). J9 is also up S9 by another design touch, i.e. it has a so-called butterfly spout where width can also be adjusted. This will be translated into a benefit when brewing two cups and how closely you’d place them under the spouts relative to the width of the cups.

Hidden Storage Compartment

In J9, there is a small storage space on the top right hand side where you can store a cleaning brush and so on whereas there is none in the S9.

Dimensional Differences

The S9 is about 2.3 inches wider than J9 but 1.65 inches shorter with very similar height. If these dimensional variances make a big difference on your counter space, J9 might be the way to go.

Consumer Ratings

S9 has been rated as 4.2 vs. 3.8 for J9. Please bear in mind that the ratings are a function of the number of reviews and the time the product has been on the market. In another word, the longer the product has been, the more reviews it will likely to receive.


As I said in the Introduction, the Jura Impressa J9 commands $300 or so more than the S9.

The Moment of Truth – Which One Is Right for You?

Would you fork off a few hundred dollars more for the J9? It comes down to which feature/s are most critical in your needs. For example, if you like an intuitive touch screen interface, J9 definitely has a competitive edge over S9. But if you drink lattes or cappuccinos more than espresso, then the dual thermoblock heating system may present an advantage to ensure the unit has the optimal water and steam temperatures on demand.

In conclusion, either the S9 or J9 would be great for personal as well as moderate office use as both machines are made with some commercial parts and features ideal for churning cup after cup of coffee drinks. Both units are designed with speed and convenience in mind so as a consumer, you can brew a delicious drink with just the touch of a button. Better yet, you are empowered to customize your beverages the way that pleases nobody but you.

Comparison Table

Model #Jura Impress S9 Model # 13423Jura Impressa J9 One Touch Model # 13673
Product Imagejura-impressa-s9-one-touch-espresso-machinejura-impressa-j9-one-touch-espresso-machine
Standard Features
Boiler1 - stainless steel plated aluminum1 - stainless steel plated aluminum
Pump Pressure-15 Baryesyes
Thermoblock Heating Systemdualsingle
Adjustable Conical Grinderyes - 6 settingsyes - 6 settings
Variable Brew Chamber Capacity5-16 grams / 0.011-0.035 lb5-16 grams / 0.011-0.035 lb
Intelligient Pre-Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S)yesyes
By-pass Doseryes - double scoopyes - double scoop
One Touch Cappuccino Frotheryesyes
Manual Steam Wandnono
Milk Carafeyes - 20 oz. stainless steel thermalyes - 20 oz. stainless steel thermal
Adjustable Brew Spout (in inches)2.6 to 5.8 in height2.6 to 4.37 in height and 0.79 to 1.97 in width
Adjustable Cappuccino Spoutno4.4 to 6.0
Hot Water Dispenseryes, dedicatedyes, shared with the frother
Cup Warmeryes - stainless steel plated with passive heatyes - stainless steel plated with passive heat
Clearyl Filter Cartridgeyesyes
Integrated Rising, Cleaning and Descaling Programyesyes
Adjustable Water Hardnessyesyes
Zero-Energy Switchyesyes
Energy Save Mode (E.S.M.)yesyes
Settings and Programming Options
Programmable Water Volumeyesyes
Adjustable Water Volume per Brewyesyes
Programmable Coffee Strength Levelsyes, 5yes, 5
Adjustable Coffee Strength per Brewyesyes
Programmable Aroma Levelsyesyes
Programmable Brewing Temperature Levelsyes - 2yes - 2
Programmable Hot Water Temperature Levelsyes, 3yes, 3
Symbol Displayyesno
Clear Text Displayyesyes/TFT color display
Rotary Switchyesyes
Programmable Switch-On/Off Timeyes - 2 hour as factory setting; programmable for 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours after last useyes - 2 hour as factory setting; programmable for 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours after last use
Monitor Beanyesyes
Monitored Drip Trayyesyes
Integrated Rinse, Clean and Descaleyesyes
Housing Materials & Color
FrameABS plasticABS plastic
Housing MaterialsABS plasticABS plastic with chrome accents
Drip Tray Coverstainless steel platedstainless steel plated
Colorplatinumsilver and chrome
Clearyl Blue Filter Cartridge11
Dual Frother Plus Wand00
Jura Cleaning Tablets22
Measuring Scoop11
Water Hardness Testing Strip11
Instruction Manualyesyes
Quick Reference Guideyesyes
Instructional DVDyesyes
Water Tank Capacity96 oz. / left-side access73.5 oz. / front access
Bean Hopper Capacity10 oz.8.8 oz.
Dreg Drawer Capacity16 servings16 servings
Power (in Watts)14501450
Weight (lb)2624
Dimenions (W X D X H in inches)13.58 x 15.35 x 13.7811.2 x 17 x 13.5
2-year or 6000 Coffees (whichever comes first)yesyes
Customer Ratings (Amazon)4.23.8
Read Review Read ReviewRead Review
Priceunder $2500 - Check Current Priceunder $3000 - Check Current Price

If you are interested in either one of the machines, please go the Jura Impressa S9 or Jura Impressa J9 review for more details.


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