Jura Impressa C9 vs. C5 – Which One to Buy?

One Touch Automatic Frother

The most distinct feature in Jura Impressa C9 vs. C5 is the One Touch Cappuccino Frother that will froth, steam milk, and brew espresso with the touch of a button and without moving the cup. Do this and a few other additional features warrant twice as much of the price for C5? Let’s see how “the beauty” is in the eyes of the beholder.

Instead of the manual frother wand in the C5, the C9 is equipped with an attached frother that has two dispensing spouts. The rear one is for brewing espresso and the front one for frothing and steaming milk to make Cappuccinos, Lattes and Macchiatos.

The one touch frother is connected with one end of the hose to a stainless steel vacuum milk container and the end affixed to the frother. The frothing systems siphons, steams and frothes milk from the milk container. The milk container of 14 oz. in size keeps milk cold up to 8 hours so you don’t have to unhook after each preparation and store it in the fridge. You can just leave it on the counter until the next time you need it. Obviously don’t leave it longer than 8 hours as the milk might get spoiled. The milk container comes with a set of accessories such as a lid, two short hoses and one long hose that can be inserted into a milk jug/or carton directly.

On the frothXpress system, there is a dial that can be adjusted from 12 to 6 o’clock position. To make cappuccino, the dial should point between 12 to 2 o’clock position. If in the 12, it creates the most froth and from 12 towards 2 the milk temperature is increased.

The 3 o’clock position signals the Steam Only position where the siphoning function is blocked only allowing the steam to pass through the system.

4 to 6 position is used for steaming milk for lattes where milk is only steamed, not frothed. The milk temperature increases when turning the dial towards the 4 o’clock position.


Another advantage of C9 is the increased programmability. It enables you to program not only the water volume, but also the coffee strength in 3 different levels. If on Mild, the coffee dose is at 8 grams, Normal of 12 grams and Strong of 16 grams. In addition, you can program the brewing temperature from Normal (approx. 170 degrees Fahrenheit to High (180+). For those people who like scolding hot coffee, this is a handy feature.

Display – Text vs. Symbol

The Jura Impress C9 is designed with clear text display that’s more intuitive and less guesswork. For example, the text may say “Fill Beans” instead of a flashing symbol showing coffee beans being low in the hopper.

Exterior Differences

The C9 is added with some chrome accents such as in the front panel that can be good or indifferent depending on the sense of the style of the user.

The Jura C9 is about 1 pound heavier than C5, noting major.

Is It Worth It to Spend Twice as Much?

For those who drink mostly milk-based beverages such as Cappuccinos and Lattes, having the One Touch frothXpress System could be a definite benefit. It saves time, hassle and no need to clean the mess in case the milk is spilled from the pitcher. And it guarantees the consistency and quality of the drinks. The thermal milk container is an added bonus to store milk on the counter for hours on end.

The option to program the coffee strength level and brewing temperature would please those people who really like to adjust the settings once and storing them in the system instead of doing it at each brew.  If money is no object, then go ahead and choose Impressa C9.

If your daily drinks are more coffee based, you don’t mind adjusting the dial on the fly here and there, I’d say saving the money by getting C5 and froth the milk manually if needed. The price difference is very substantial as around $1000 vs. $2000. I don’t know about you, $1000 can buy me quite a few outfits and shoes. For the budget-conscious shoppers, the Impressa C5 is a great value for the money.

For your easy reference, below is a side-by-side comparison.

Jura Impressa C9 vs. C5 Comparison Table

The Table outlined major features of C9 vs. C5 and the differences were highlighted in yellow.

Model #Jura Impress C5 Model # 13531Jura Impressa C9 One Touch Model # 13422
Product Imagejura-impressa-c9-espresso-machinejura-impressa-c5-espresso-machine
Standard Features
Boiler1 - stainless steel plated aluminum1 - stainless steel plated aluminum
Pump Pressure-15 Baryesyes
Thermoblock Heating Systemyesyes
Adjustable Conical Grinderyes - 6 settingsyes - 6 settings
Variable Brew Chamber Capacity5-16 grams / 0.011-0.035 lb5-16 grams / 0.011-0.035 lb
Intelligient Pre-Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S)yesyes
By-pass Doseryesyes
One Touch Cappuccino Frothernoyes
Manual Steam Wandyes-panarellono
Milk Carafenoyes - 14 oz. stainless steel thermal
Adjustable Brew Spout (2.5 to 4.5 inches)yesyes
Hot Water Dispenseryesyes
Cup Warmeryesyes - stainless steel plated with passive heat
Clearyl Filter Cartridgeyesyes
Integrated Rising, Cleaning and Descaling Programyesyes
Adjustable Water Hardnessyesyes
Zero-Energy Switchyesyes
Energy Save Mode (E.S.M.)yesyes
Settings and Programming Options
Programmable Water Volumeyesyes
Adjustable Water Volume per Brewyesyes
Programmable Coffee Strength Levelsnoyes - 3 mild=8 grams; normal=12 grams; strong=16 grams
Adjustable Coffee Strength per Brewyesyes
Programmable Aroma Levelsnono
Programmable Brewing Temperature Levelsnoyes - 2; normal=170 D/F; high=180 D/F
Programmable Hot Water Temperature Levelsnono
Symbol Displayyesno
Clear Text Displaynoyes
Rotary Switchyesyes
Programmable Switch-On/Off Timeyes - 2 hour as factory setting; programmable for 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours after last useyes - 2 hour as factory setting; programmable for 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours after last use
Monitored Drip Traynoyes
Integrated Rinse, Clean and Descaleyesyes
Housing Materials & Color
FrameABS plasticABS plastic
Housing MaterialsABS plasticABS plastic with chrome accents
Drip Tray Coverplasticstainless steel plated
Colorpiano Blackpiano black with chrome accents
Clearyl Blue Filter Cartridge11
Dual Frother Plus Wand10
Jura Cleaning Tablets22
Measuring Scoop11
Water Hardness Testing Strip11
Instruction Manualyesyes
Quick Reference Guideyesyes
Instructional DVDnoyes
Water Tank Capacity64 oz.64 oz.
Bean Hopper Capacity7 oz.7 oz.
Dreg Drawer Capacity16 servings16 servings
Power (in Watts)14501450
Weight (lb)2021
Dimenions (W X D X H in inches)11 x 17 x 13.511 x 17 x 13.5
2-year or 6000 Coffees (whichever comes first)yesyes
Customer Review Ratings (Amazon)4.14.2
Read ReviewRead Review
Priceunder $1000 - Check Current Priceunder $2000 - Check Current Price


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