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The differences between Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch vs. ENA9 One Touch are very subtle to most consumers. The million dollar question is which one is right for you and which one will get you the best bang for your buck? I am going to walk you through a head-to-head comparison so you can draw an informed conclusion based on facts, not just a gut feeling.


Design Elements

Hot Water Dispenser

The most noticeable design change in the ENA Micro 9 One Touch vs. the predecessor ENA 9 One Touch is the location of the hot water sprout. In the Micro 9 model, it is affixed to the brew spout instead of being a stand-alone fixture. Along the same line, the control for the Hot Water is also moved up to the main control panel on top of the machine from the side panel.

Functionality wise, the change is benign. But stylistically, the Micro 9 One Touch presents a cleaner look on the front panel without the fixture and the knob.

Reduced Height for Less Counter Clearance

The second improvement in the ENA Micro 9 is that it is 11% shorter than the ENA 9, 12.72 vs. 14 inches in height. For most people, this is not a big deal with less than 2 inches in space, but for those who have to budget every square inch of counter clearance, it might make a difference.


Coffee Strength

In the ENA Micro 9, the coffee strength changed to two levels only as Normal and Strong as opposed to the three levels of Mild, Normal and Strong in the ENA 9 One Touch. Jura probably figured that having a mild option is really meaningless as people could easily add hot water to dilute the coffee intensity should they prefer a mild coffee.

By-Pass Doser Amount

In the Micro 9 One Touch, the dose for the bypass doser is reduced to one scoop of coffee only from the maximum 2 scoops in the predecessor. Typically one scoop is about 7 grams of ground coffee. It will be significant if you have someone in your household who uses the machine and would prefer a stronger espresso of two scoops.

Dual Spout Height Clearance

The range of the height adjustment in the Micro 9 One Touch has increased to 2 to 5.4 inches vs. 3 to 5 inches in the ENA 9. Does 0.4 of an inch save the day? I don’t know. It really depends on the mug you use. Most people complain about the limited clearance for a tall travel mug, but then again, travel mugs come in different heights. The best thing to do is to measure the height of the travel mug before you buy to make sure it will fit under the brew spout.

Energy Consumption

While both have the same power input of 1450 watts, the energy consumption per hour is 10.6 watts/hour for the Micro 9 vs. 12 watts/hour for the ENA 9. The difference might be very minor for most people.

Ironically, when the machine is on Energy Saving Mode (E.S.M), the Micro 9 consumes 4.3 watts vs. 3.5 watts per hour.


The Micro 9 is equipped with a rotary dial flushed to the surface vs. the one in ENA 9 that’s protruded upward. Two extra options were added in the Micro 9 as Rinse on the left and Hot Water on the right in addition to the existing Cappuccino, Macchiato, Espresso and Coffee.

The Aroma Boost feature is absent in the ENA Micro 9. The Aroma Boost allows you to add extra oomph to the coffee strength by dosing maximum amount of coffee.

Used Coffee Container Size

The Micro 9 container is itsy bitsy smaller for 9 pucks vs. 10 pucks in the ENA 9.

Customer Reviews

The ENA Micro 9 One Touch has received 3.9 star-ratings vs. 3.8 for ENA 9.

Manufacturing Location

The Micro 9 One Touch is made in Portugal vs. Switzerland for the ENA 9. In fact, I’ve read one customer talking about the quality made in Portugal seems to be better as the parts are more tightly fitted.


Micro 9 One Touch is about $200 cheaper vs. ENA 9. For most consumers, I would assume the difference is quite significant.

Despite all the differences above, there are more similarities.


1. Both have an integrated conical burr grinder with a hopper size of 4.4 oz. A by-pass doser offers another option to try different coffee.

2. Both are powered by a 15-bar pump with a thermoblock heating element to preheat the machine for less than 60 seconds and 30 seconds to brew a drink. In today’s world, we live in, every second counts as our patience continues to run short.

3. Both are equipped with a rear-fill water tank that’s only 37 oz. in size. It would be a nuisance for some folks with the smaller size and frequent refills. It’s trade-off with the compact size.

4. Both are programmable for water volume, coffee strength, brew temperature and froth amount so you customize your drinks.

5. Both machines are built with auto-rinse and cleaning cycles to keep the unit in tip-top shape for optimal functionality.

6. Both have very small footprint in the super-automatic category that don’t take as much counter space as many other models on the market.

7. Both have an awesome cappuccino frothing system that creates a very frothy and micro-foamy cappuccino. The espresso is fully-bodied, aromatic with a layer of thick crema.

8. Jura backs up its espresso machines with a two-year limited warranty on parts and labor.

Final Thoughts

I’d definitely recommend ENA Micro 9 over ENA 9 One Touch for a few good reasons. First off, the Micro 9 One Touch is shorter that’ll require less counter clearance. It also is an upgrade from the ENA 9 from design perspective with moving the hot water dispenser and control to make it cleaner on the front panel. Last but least is the cost saving of $200. You can get quite a few accessories such as espresso coffee, cappuccino cups and so on with the money.

The sacrifices you’d be making in the Micro 9 are so immaterial such as dosing one scoop of coffee in the by-pass doser and the Aroma Boost function.

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