Espresso Machine Comparison Table

This is a comparison table of all the espresso machines reviewed to date on this website. Click on the links under Model # to read detailed reviews or the same under Price to check out the current price information. It will be updated on a weekly basis and be sure to check back soon.

Model #
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Price Range
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RatingsTypeSteam or Pump DrivenWater Tank Size (oz)Coffee TypeWarranty
Breville BES840XL Infuser$400-4504.4semi-automaticpump61ground and ESE pods1 year
Breville BES860XL$500-6004.4semi-automaticpump67ground and ESE pods1 year
Breville BES900XL$1000-15004.8semi-automaticpump84ground and ESE pods1 year
Delonghi EC155$50-1003.9semi-automaticpump35ground and ESE pods1 year
Delonghi EC702$150-2003.5semi-automaticpump44ground and ESE pods1 year
Delonghi ECO310$150-2003.7semi-automaticpump48ground and ESE pods1 year
Delonghi ESAM3300$600-7004.0super-automaticpump60ground1 year
Delonghi Lattissima Plus EN520 $300-4004.4automaticpump30Nespresso capsules1 year
Gaggia Classic$300-4004.0semi-automaticpump72ground and ESE pods1 year
Gaggia Accademia$1500-20004.0super-automaticpump54ground2 years
Jura ENA 1 Micro$700-8004.6super-automaticpump37ground2 year
Jura ENA 9 Micro One Touch$1000-15003.9super-automaticpump37ground2 years
Jura ENA 9 One Touch$1500-20003.8super-automaticpump37ground2 years
Jura Impressa C5$900-10004.1super-automaticpump64ground2 years
Jura Impressa J6$1000-15004.4super-automaticpump71ground2 years
Jura Impressa J9 One Touch$2500-30003.8super-automaticpump73ground2 years
Jura Impressa S9 One Touch$2000-25004.2super-automaticpump96ground2 years
Krups Espresseria Super-Automatic$600-7004.1super-automaticpump60ground2 years
La Pavoni Europiccola$700-8004.4manualpump20ground and pods1 year
Mr. Coffee Café Barista$100-2004.4semi-automaticpumpN/Aground1 year
Mr. Coffee ECMP50$0-1003.9semi-automaticpump32ground1 year
Nespresso Citiz$200-2504.3single servepump34Nespresso pods1 year
Nespresso Gran Maestria$600-7005.0single servepump47Nespresso pods1 year
Nespresso Pixie$150-2504.1single servepump24Nespresso pods1 year
Rancilio Silvia V3$600-7004.3semi-automaticpump67ground2 years
ROK Manual$100-2004.7manuallever2ground10 years
Saeco Aroma$200-3003.6semi-automaticpump85ground and pods1 year
Saeco Royal One Touch$1400-15005.0super-automaticpump74ground1 year
Saeco Synthia Focus$600-7003.9super-automaticpump40ground1 year
Saeco Vienna Plus$400-5003.8super-automaticpump57ground1 year


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