Baratza Preciso vs. Virtuoso – Which Is Better?

If you are on the fence in deciding which one to get between Baratza Preciso vs. Virtuoso coffee grinder, this post is for you. Both models are in the more affordable range among Baratza’s product lines. Preciso and Virtuoso have more similarities (95%) than differences (5%). However this one new feature makes Preciso stand out from Virtuoso.

Macro and Micro Grind Setting Adjustments



Baratza added one “micro” grind setting adjustment mechanism in Preciso besides the 40 grind settings of “macro” dials. For example, if you brew espresso, the dial on the macro level would be # 7. With this new micro adjustment, you can further fine-tune the dial in an additional 11 steps within the # 7 grind setting.

The straight math is 40 (macro) x 11 (micro) = 440 settings which is 11X more than Virtuoso. Essentially Preciso has turned into a “stepless” grinder from the previous “stepped”.

“Stepped” refers to the dial adjustment incremented by grind size from coarse to fine while “stepless” offers a continuous/fluid adjustment without set points. You wonder what this means to you, don’t you? The importance of the “stepless” setting enables you to make “minute” adjustment. For instance, you might find yourself use # 7.8 instead of the straight “# 7” for espresso.

Typically you’ll only find “stepless” settings in a very high end burr grinder. With the two-step process, Preciso does the same thing as a stepless without costing a lot of money.

If you use many brewing methods such as Siphon, AeroPress and Espresso, the Preciso would be a better option.

Product Bundling

In Virtuoso, you’d have to purchase a separate attachment called Portaholder if you want to dose the ground coffee in a portafilter basket hands-free for making espresso. That attachment costs about $30. In Preciso, the Portaholder is part of the purchase. So you’d get a ground coffee container and the Portaholder.


The Preciso is about $70 more expensive than Virtuoso, $30 of which is the price for the Portaholder and the other $40 would be for the micro-adjusting feature.

Where Are the Similarities?

The short answer is “everywhere” from the casing material, style, color, dimensions and weight, not to mention most of product features with the exception of the micro-adjustment. If you are interested, read the Virtuoso review.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

Is it a smart decision to pay the extra $70 for Preciso? I’d say if you are more into the science and art of espresso, it’s a great feature to be able to adjust the grind size in 440 increments. On the other hand, if you are just a casual coffee drinker and don’t care about the nuisances, then save $70 and stick with Virtuoso.


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