Ascaso Dream Up V3 Espresso Machine Review

Ascaso Dream Up V3 Polished Aluminum Espresso Machine

Ascaso Dream Up V3 Polished Aluminum Espresso Machine


Welcome to the mid-range of stylish home espresso machines. The Ascaso Dream Up V3 Espresso Machine represents one of the most popular stylish brewing machines on the market.

Ascaso was parts manufacture, in Barcelona Spain, for many other companies that produced coffee and espresso machines for over 35 years. In 1997 José Luis Ascaso began manufacturing their own machines.

Ascaso has a tradition of professional quality machines and parts.

The Ascaso Dream Up V2 Espresso Machine has a Polished Aluminum body with rounded edges giving it a nice style without the block look of other machines.

The overall hieght of this unit is just under 14 inches allowing it to fit up under most counters and cupboards. At about one cubic foot it can stand out on it’s own and look great in your kitchen.

Features & Benefits

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  • Grouphead: It is designed as a chrome plated brass which is Ascaso’s commercial machine design. You’re getting top quality in the head which allows an evenly distributed heat across the grouphead. The real upside here is this head is designed to evenly distribute water across the ground coffee for even extraction.
  • 3 way Solenoid valve: This design feature allows for pressure relief in the grouphead as soon as the coffee switch is turned off. Therefore the water under pressure is reverted back to the water reservoir. This will allow a quick turn around and extracting the next batch without waiting for the portafilter to lose pressure by itself.
  • Stainless-Lined Aluminum Theromblock: the aluminum thermoblock is has water passage ways lined with stainless steel. This was tested over many years to find the best heating and water delivery to the head.
  • 16 Bar Water Pump: Although this unit doesn’t have a pressure gauge the use of a 16 Bar (232 psi) pump is going to give you plenty of pressure for the extraction process.
  • Frothing Tip and Temperature Gauge: The unit has a temperature gauge which reads in degrees Celsius. Just remember 100 C is boiling. It’s right on the front and easily read. The stainless steel frothing Tip is under and a little to the right of the temperature gauge. It’s mounted on a swivel joint to swing out for easy cleaning. It comes with a 12 or 20 oz. frothing pitcher to make your foam.
  • 48 oz Water Reservoir: At a quart and a half you will have plenty of water to brew a few cups and make foam. The reservoir is removable for filling directly at the sink or can be filled while the unit is operating. It’s located behind the frothing tip below the grouphead on the right side. Which means you can keep the unit under cupboard and not worry about adding water from the top.
  • Drip and cup tray and a cup heater: The drip tray has a polished stainless steel drip pan and chrome plated steel cup tray. They are both easy to remove and clean up after your drew has been completed. A unique feature is a cup warming spot on top of the machine. This lets you keep a cup warm as you brew other espressos.
  • Simple Controls: There are three simple switches to operate the Ascaso dream up V3 espresso machine. The center power switch is for heating up the boiler. The left switch controls the steam for frothing and the right switch controls the coffee brewing process. Simple and direct makes it super easy to use.
  • Stylish: This unit has the compact appeal for the home with polished aluminum and stainless steel styling as well as the rounded edges. It’s a nice modern look that compliments your other appliances.


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Ascaso I 1D Grinder Polished Aluminum DoserUsing fresh water and fresh coffee beans are a must for any great espresso. For grinding you may want to match styling with your the Dream Up Espresso Machine.

I recommended you check out one of Ascaso’s polished aluminum grinders.

You can check them out here: Ascaso I 1 Grinder-Polished-Aluminum

or the Ascaso I 1D Grinder-Polished Aluminum


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The operation for steaming and frothing is very straight forward with one switch to get steam temperature and a knob to begin flow.

One tip that was mentioned is to keep the little hole in the frothing adapter positioned at the top level of the milk to help aerate the milk froth.

Read up on some of the tips for using the various milk, soy milk and half and half and coming up with the prefect foam or steamed milk for your favorite latte, or coffee drink.

Display & Control

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The front of your Ascaso Dream Up V3 Polished Aluminum Espresso Machine has only four things to use. They are the three switches and the temperature gauge. Otherwise there’s the grouphead and the steam knob. Simple and easy in elegant style.

Additional Features

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The boiler is an insulated heavy duty copper and when paired with the quite pump gives you a long life unit that is completely enjoyable for many years. The set up allows for pre–infusion for better brewing. Features cup warming and a removable cup rack which you can remove to reduce the height by 1.5 inches. It has a low water sensor as well.

How to Clean

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All machines need to be keep clean, but the polished aluminum can have its extra challenges.The aluminum can stain and need a little extra care in cleaning using alcohol where water spots can form.  It will be best to keep up with drying in surface quickly before the water dries.

It’s important to be diligent about rinsing and keeping things clean. We recommend thoroughly reading the manuals and following the cleaning recomendations. .


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Included Accessories

The machine comes with these accessories:

  • Portafilter with dual spout
  • Pressurized single and double cup filter basketrs
  • single dose ESE (easy serve espresso) pod basket
  • cappuccino frothing attachment
  • single hole steam tip
  • Ascaso coffee wash cleaner
  • ground coffee kit
  • Instruction manual

Optional Accessories

With whats included you won’t need to many optional accessories, however, if your an Ascaso fan they do have a set of Ascaso coffee mugs and as mentioned earlier adding a companion grinder could round out your personal styling.  Ascaso I 1D Grinder-Polished Aluminum or see the full Ascaso line.


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  • Input Power (W): 1000
  • Voltage/Frequency (V-Hz): 120/60

Dimensions & Weight

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  • Dimensions (W x D x H inches): 9.6 x 11 x 13.6
  • Weight (lbs) light at: 16.0 The Aluminum housing makes this an easy machine to move around.


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The Ascaso Dream Up V3 has a two-year parts and labor warranty from My Espresso Shop. The group head has a 3 year warranty limited to manufacture’s defect only. Of course wear and tear is not covered.

Consumer Reviews

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Insufficient user feedback

Although sales show this machine to be popular there have not been a lot of published user reviews. The few that have been published are all high. I think this primarily due to the newness in the market.


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At this review, we were finding these listed at full retail on Amazon. Therefore we are recommending checking out My espresso shop for better pricing, seeing better than 10% discounts.

and to see price match guarantee and financing options.

Summary Ascaso Dream Up V3 Polished Aluminum Espresso Machine

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For a mid-range espresso machine the Ascaso Dream Up V3 is well built, easy to use and clean up and designed to give you a commercial experience in a home setting.

The simplicity in design with top quality parts and styling makes it an excellent addition to your home or office.

You’ll be able to enjoy your espresso with very little fuss. Go enjoy making a cup today.

For current price information, click on the button below.

This design is also available in 12 other colors. These are enamel paint for easy clean up and style.

Check them out here:

Ascaso Dream UP V3 Espresso Machine

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