5 Reasons Why You Should Own a Home Espresso Machine

Let’s face it. We all have some kind of obsession or addiction – some are good and others are not so much. If you are the one who can’t live a day without espresso, you are not alone. That’s exactly why Starbucks has exploded into the largest coffeehouse in the world with 20,000 + stores in 61 countries.

For those coffee, espresso and latte enthusiasts, we think, breathe, smell, taste and indulge in the beverage of our choice. We don’t mind dropping $5 to $10 bucks a day at a Starbucks store on our way to work or to the grocery store. What if I say you should stop going to Starbucks altogether and consider getting a home espresso machine to make your own espresso or latte? Hear me out, will you?

Reason #1 – Espresso on Demand

The time we crave for our drink can be different, at midnight, the crack of dawn, or 3 in the afternoon. Most coffee shops don’t open around the clock last time I checked. But if you have an espresso machine at home, you can pull a shot or two anytime.

Reason # 2 – Save Money, Time and Gas

If you spend $5 a day, five days a week, that’s a whopping $1,300 a year ($5 x 5 days x 52 weeks). That much money could be used for a down payment for a car or could afford you one or more espresso machines.

What about the time driving to and from the coffee shop, wait in line and the extra gas? You do the math!

Reason # 3 – You Are at the Mercy of the Starbucks Employee

While Starbucks employees are well trained (it’s all relative), it’s still a far cry from the skilled hand of a barista you witnessed in Italy. Getting a perfect shot requires so much more than going through the motions of dosing ground coffee to the portafilter, tamping while chatting with a co-worker behind the service counter? Who is there to tell when the coffee was ground and how long it’s been kept in the canister? As you might know, coffee loses its freshness after two minutes of grinding and the freshness determines the aroma, taste and crema of your espresso. What about warming the cup before pulling the shot?

Reason # 4 – Hone in the Art and Science of Espresso

Having your own espresso machine, you have the opportunity to perfect the skills and test different variables to improve color, texture, taste and crema of the espresso. You will be able to adjust the grind size, the dosing amount, the tampering pressure, the timing of pulling a shot. You can stretch the milk to make it creamy and to swirl it to make it flavorful. Any minute tweak in one or more variables will affect the outcome of your espresso. Isn’t this the enjoyment in and out of itself?

Reason #5 – Great Cocktail Party Conversation Starter

Do you struggle to break the ice at a company function or a cocktail party? Why not bring up the subject of espresso next time to share your know-hows with another stranger? Remember the most introverted people will come alive when they talk what they are passionate about.

If I have convinced you to at least look into investing an espresso machine instead of contributing to the bottom line at Starbucks, then you are in luck with so many choices of models and brands in the market. A good place to start would be to check out a few espresso machines I’ve reviewed from the entry-level to more sophisticated models.


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