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Let me ask: What if tasting coffee could be similar to finding the subtleness of flavors in wine? Would I spark an interest? I think Angels’ Cup Coffee can.

Join Angels' Cup CoffeeFor many coffee drinkers it’s all about the dark rich flavors of heavily roasted coffees, much like there is with bold and flavorful Cabernet and Old Vine Zins. However, there is also a segment of lighter roasts of coffee as well for your consideration.

The lighter roasts may be compared to Pinot Noir, Rosé, and Chardonnay wines. However, it is not always easy to find these more refined roasts in the everyday market place.

Enter Angels’ Cup Coffee to fill a void in the market. They provide what is known as third wave coffees, which are single origin, 100% Arabica, roasted by specialty roasters.

After learning of these lighter roasts it seemed like they deserved a closer look, or more apply brewing a few cups with their offering of small batch light to medium light coffees. We were intrigued by this new approach and tasting the samples!

Before I jump in I need to let you know…

Where I Sit Before I Tell you Where I Stand

At divineespersso.com our focus is on machines that can give you great options in preparing espresso style dark roast coffees. However, it doesn’t preclude the lighter roasts either. I prefer a medium to dark roast coffee (that isn’t burnt like many of those beans at that franchise that starts with S.) and for my everyday coffee have been a big fan of Peet’s medium to darker roast coffees (32.oz beans) at Amazon.

Therefore, I don’t very often drink light roasts and probably would consider them less than adequate for my tastes. However, I decided to keep an open mind and try these coffees. I can say that after a couple of experiments I did zero in on a coffee to water mixture that I found very pleasant and intriguing.

How I Got The Shipment Of Angels’ Cup Coffees

Angles Cup Black BoxI was excited to check out the new coffees. My black box samples (more on options later) arrived and upon opening it, I found four 2.75 oz. packages of different beans. Each sample is packaged in a small coffee bag and sealed with a label indicating date roasted and sample number.

Angels cup 4 samplesDigging in further, I also found four different coloured cards labelled on the front side with blind testing, a matching sample number, and a blank spot for Origin guess.

Angels Cup Box ContentsInside the box cover were the three easy steps to mastering your 5th sense in learning the flavors and taste of these coffees. Simply stated: Brew and enjoy, record notes, compare answers.

Angels Cup Coffee NotesOn the other side of blind tasting card was information on the roasted date, Roaster, Origin, Processing, Elevation Varietal if applicable and then additional information on Flavors and other notes.

The last card had info on how to download the mobile app to compare your answers with others.

OK, it’s beginning to sound a lot like those wine folks now.

My Angels’ Cup Coffee Brewing Experience

I have to say I was not wrong about my first reaction to the lighter roast. I didn’t really know what to expect and tried to brew like I do with my darker roast. Now let me say this, I have a very large cup and in the mornings, I like to brew up an Americana style with my Aeropress Coffee maker (on Amazon).

So I proceeded to grind my new samples with a Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill (on Amazon) (yes going for all the subtle advantages), in my 5 a.m. wake up state.  Brewed up a cup and topped off in Americana style. Immediately I could tell that you would need to like the lightness of the roast to enjoy it. However, the next thought was Wow; there are many interesting flavors in this cup. As I finished this cup of coffee, I began to think that it was probably a little watered down for my liking. Have to be more careful next time.

So progressively, I tired the other samples, increased my concentration of coffee, and watched my water content. By the time I got through all the samples I think I landed on the coffee/water combination that was quite pleasing to me.

I found out later that you can use the free mobile app to learn the suggested brewing ratios and method. (It’s online also web based Angel’s Cup Online App) The app shows all of the roasters notes next to yours and you can see what their preferred brewing method is for that specific sample of coffee. All you have to do is enter the sample number to get to the right notes. You can use a sign in or your Facebook connection to use the app to help you track your tastings. There is also a way to proceed as guest which won’t save your data.

For sample I was viewing, I didn’t like that the brew method uses grams to measure the coffee and water. I’d be fine with teaspoons and oz. as I believe most folks aren’t going to go to the effort to convert or get measures to use grams. Personally, I like to see it made simple and relevant to the casual user or at least have an equivalent measure.

Sitting there enjoying my new samples,

I commented to my family that I thought this is the type of cup you’d brew for the girls when they come over for a chat in the late morning or afternoon. (OK, I like to jab a little fun here and there about the girls).

As it turns out I found myself this weekend doing my usual wake up brew and then after updating all the business bookkeeping stuff finding I was gravitating to the lighter roast for a mid-morning coffee break. It really did hit the spot and was a good departure from my tradition. So  I’ll re-track the jab and say it’s for anyone interested in new flavor experiences.

Discerning The Flavors

I forced myself not to read the notes on the blind tasting cards and now that I’ve found my brew ratios, I’m starting to see what flavors I can discern. This is going to take a little time and effort. When my daughter read out some of the notes like pepper, green apple, and what?…Jolly Rancher; I knew I was going to be in for some fun exploration.

Yes, I can see this is going to take some practice, but it’s turned out to be a nice surprise and a bit of fun moving forward to coffee snob, oh, I mean Connoisseur with a capital C.

How Angels’ Cup Coffee Works

Angels’ Cup Coffee has two ways to sample the freshly roasted coffees and one to get a 12 oz bag. They only ship to USA and Canada.

Subscribe to the Coffee Tasting ClubThe are two subscriptions (which can be cancelled at anytime) for your choice of whole bean, coarse or fine grind, which can be shipped weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, you’ll be getting the fresh samples 7 to 10 days off-roast. They are:

The Cupping Flight: four 1 oz. samples. Less $10

The Black Box: four 2.75 oz. samples. At this writing is about $22.

In Whole bean only and 3 to 5 days off-roast:

Angels’ Cup All Stars: one 12 oz. of the finest roasts direct from the roaster.

To sign up or take a look at the options you can click on over here to review your options.

Option To Order One Sampler

If you don’t want to get on the subscription list just yet, you can also order some samples through Amazon. Because your coffee will be fulfilled through amazon you are not going to get a 7 to 10 day old roast because of the logistics of how this boxes have to ship to the Amazon warehouse and then shipping to you.

Therefore, they’ll age a few days or weeks depending on the volume. But this is not a cause for worry,  coffees will typically maintain their best flavor for around 90 days, so you can get them for a trial or when the occasion strikes you.

IAngels Cup on Amazon’m sure Angels’ Cup Coffee is trying to manage the inventory so that they’re stocking low volume of fresh batches to keep the stock fairly fresh.

Go here to check out Angel’s Cup Coffee at Amazon.


Based on my experience I’d recommend you try this novel and new approach to getting back to fine roasted coffee. You need to give it a chance and I recommend you check the roasters suggested brewing method, then you can experiment with coffee to water ratios to find the best fit to your tastes. Enjoy the fun in tasting and comparing notes.

Check them out here: Angel’s Cup Coffee Subscriptions .

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